Yes, Mícheál...

I’m serious about implementing a proven process
which pays me to attract email subscribers,
and launching my most profitable promotion
in the next 90 days…

Yes, Mícheál...

I’m Serious About Implementing A Proven Process Which Pays Me To Attract Email Subscribers, And Launching My Most Profitable Promotion In The Next 90 Days…


Join before the deadline to lock in your special Founding Members Rate for the lifetime of your membership.

When Lead2Launch next opens for registration in June 2022, the monthly rate will likely be double today’s rate.

As a Founding Member, you’ll be able to shape the membership as it grows by sharing your ideas and insights as we build this together.

You're Here For A Reason…

If you are a Course Creator or Membership Site Owner, who’s excited because you’ve got something important to share with the world but frustrated by all the unexpected technology and marketing “stuff” that keeps getting in your way, I understand how you feel.

You may be starting in the digital world, looking to attract your first leads, and build your email list for your first launch…

Or, you could have your foundations in place and now want to build a predictable and dependable lead generation process that ensures your next launch is your big breakthrough. The launch that puts you on the map.

Or, you could already have a successful online business, and now, you want to take it to the next level by building a scalable lead generation process that produces a steady stream of Perfect-Fit Clients.

Perhaps you want to build a lead generation process that creates an unlimited marketing budget through producing cost-neutral, or “free” leads from paid traffic which go on to convert like crazy during your next launch.

If any of this sounds familiar, then keep reading because Lead2Launch has been built specifically for you.

What You Do Matters…


Nothing frustrates me more than seeing someone with the ambition, knowledge, skills, and ability to help people move forward and get a result, struggle to reach those who need them most.

Not only do I believe that online courses and memberships are the most elegant model to drive profound personal growth and change, but I have seen the power and importance of the communities that online leaders create.​

In an ever more fractious and divided world, people need community and a place to belong. So no matter your niche, topic, or transformation you help people achieve, there are people who need you.

What you do matters, and the world needs leaders like you, now more than ever.

But, They Never Told You About All The "Other Stuff"…

And, if it were just about doing what you do best, it would be so easy.

But no one ever told you about all the tech and marketing headaches of building an online business.

Let’s face it you probably didn’t wake up one morning with a burning desire to become an online marketer.

Yet here you are…

And, two of the biggest challenges I see online business struggle with are:


Because what they don’t tell you is, your launch success is directly related to the size and quality of your email list.

If you have a large hot list, just by following the process, your launch will be successful.

However, if you have a small cold list, the best launch strategy and content in the world won’t make any difference. Your launch just won’t bring you the results you want.

And, even if you start with a good email list and you have some early launch success. If you don’t develop the processes and systems to add new high-quality leads to your list on an ongoing basis, your success will be short-lived.

In addition, if you can’t get all the tech, set-up, and running to start with, you aren’t even going to get out the gate.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I'm Here To Help You On Your Mission…


You see, I’ve been where you are, and I’ve seen the pain and struggle that people face when starting and scaling an online business.

I don’t just talk about business building and online business growth. I’ve slugged it out in the trenches, first building a multi-million-dollar offline training and consulting business and then moving to an online business model.

In doing so, I built annual recurring revenue of $1.5 million from online courses and memberships in a business with a total annual turnover of $3 million, I’ve made every mistake possible and encountered every problem imageable.

Mistakes that I hope you never have to make and problems I can help you avoid.

Life is too short, time is too precious, and your mission is too important to spend time-fighting with technology and marketing, figuring stuff out for yourself, trying to reinvent the wheel.

I’ve delivered close to 60 Product Launches and run into every description of tech headache and explosion possible (including a website being hacked the morning of Open Cart) and not just lived to tell the tale but excited to share my experience with others.

You see, I’m on a mission too. My mission is to help course creators and membership site owners attract profitable perfect-fit leads at scale to fuel mission-driven launches that not just make you loads of money but impact real and lasting change on those you serve.

So if you are ready to step up and answer your call, I’m here to support you.


creator of the Powerful Woman Movement

Micheal, thank you so much for taking the overwhelm out of creating a marketing strategy for my yoga membership and retreats. I now have clarity around my core offer and with your help, I have a strategy to build my membership with ease so I can reach my income and impact goals!

Working with you is a joy, you make business-building fun and your professionalism kept us moving forward and on track.


Founder of the Calm the Chaos® Framework

Brilliance! Mícheál is my go-to for all business brainstorming and he's saved me time, energy and massive headaches more than once. Mícheál has an extensive knowledge of launching, marketing and scaling businesses. His down-to-earth nature, coupled with his expertise, makes him my first choice for business advice and support.

Let's Make Your Dreams & Goals A Reality…


I’ll let you in on a secret. I can see the future!

And I can see amazing things in your future.

Ok, I can’t really see the future…… but I do have a plan for your future if you commit to Lead2Launch.

A plan that sees you:

But it all starts with attracting more leads and presenting them with compelling offers they can’t refuse.

A Proven Process For Lead Generation…

When you join the Lead2Launch membership, we will instantly get to work implementing proven lead generation processes. Processes that will see you not just get paid to grow your list but add email subscribers who are pumped, primed, and eagerly waiting to sign up for your next promotion.


Stage 1 – Freebie Creation

How to create freebies that solve one very specific, small problem for your Perfect-Fit Client and get them an instant result.


Stage 2 – Mini-Front End Product Creation

How to build the next step Mini-Front End Product that delivers even more of the same result as your Freebie or helps your Perfect-Fit Client solve the next problem they face.


Stage 3 – Mini Front-End Liquidator Offer Development

How to craft and launch captivating no-brainer offers for your Freebie and Mini-Front End Product and launch your Mini-Front End Liquidator.
PS. You can also apply this to any other offer in your online business


Stage 4 – Your Traffic Strategy

Implement the latest Facebook® Ad strategies for the lowest possible front-end cost per Perfect-Fit Client acquisition.


Stage 5 – Launch Your Signature Program Or Membership

Deploy the Lead2Launch - 30 Day Launch Plan for stress-free promotions from MVL's (Minimum Viable Launch's), Live Launches, Challenge Launches, Virtual Events & Coaching Weeks.

The process is simple. Get your Perfect-Fit Client a quick win, double down, then give them the logical next step to keep working with you, and move them up your Value Ascension Roadmap.

Implementing a Mini-Front End Liquidator is the most powerful gift you can give your online business.

Imagine waking up to streams of new leads every single morning. And best of all, after checking your Facebook® ad account, you realize that the revenue from your Mini-Front End Liquidator has once again paid for your leads.


CEO of LYV Educational Consulting

Mícheál has an incredible ability to immediately see through all the “stuff’ that’s holding you back. I’ve never had a coach dig in and call out my personal limitations in such a caring, yet direct and honest way. I genuinely look forward to every single session, listening to creative ways of improving every aspect of my launch and my business.

Within two weeks, my entire launch was mapped out and ready to go and I was able to launch the following week! Basically, he took everything I had been working on for nearly a year with other coaches and in major masterminds and made it clear and concise within days.


CEO IronPsych LLC

For our StoryCamp Live Virtual Event, (on short notice!) Micheal built a front-end website created a Virtual Event Dashboard that handled registration, check-in, event delivery as well as customer support, gamification, and stuff I don’t even understand.

He helped us plan and deliver the email marketing, customer support, and automation for the event. Through it all, he gave us exceptional marketing and fulfillment advice.

In addition to all of the technical and marketing work he did for us, he was a shiny spot in every day for the event. Smiling, joking, and completely focused on event success.

What You Can Expect When You Join Lead2Launch…


I developed the Lead2Launch process as a 90-day repeating cycle.

Why 90 Days? Well, I believe that you should be running at least four launch promotions a year. 

That’s two major and two minor promotions each year.

90 Days gives you plenty of time to restock your email list and prime subscribers for your next promotion.

Lead2Launch is a hybrid membership and high contact small group coaching program featuring:

We meet at the beginning of each quarter to set your goals and create your plans for that quarter and beyond.

Each week we have a structured 1-hour Lead2Launch Workshop. Every workshop will be recorded and made available in the members’ area within 24 hours.

All the pre-recorded and live video content will be fully searchable and archived in the Lead2Launch Members Hub.

In addition to the Weekly Workshop, you will also have access to (optional) Office Hours

….jump in and have your questions answered during an Office Hours session.

The Hustle Pods have been designed, so you have dedicated time set aside to get the work done each week.

We will meet as a group live at a dedicated time each week, and in addition to getting the work done, if you have any clarifying questions or need any assistance, I will be on hand to help you. 

Each Lead2Launch stage has multiple levels, so no matter where you are on your business journey, you will be able to move at the most appropriate pace for you.

Your Founding Members Joining Bonuses…

When you join the Lead2Launch membership, we will instantly get to work implementing proven lead generation processes. Processes that will see you not just get paid to grow your list but add email subscribers who are pumped, primed, and eagerly waiting to sign up for your next promotion.


BONUS #1 - Focus Strategy Session – Value $497

A 1-on-1 call with Mícheál to formulate your online business strategy for the coming 12 months, identify your key opportunities, what might hold you back, and the key projects that will guarantee your success.


BONUS #2 – Getting Started With Facebook® Ads
(in a Post iOS 14.5 World) – Value $197

A step-by-step walk-through guide to setting up and optimizing your Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account to ensure you are fully set up and running to launch your first Facebook® Ad Campaign. Due to iOS 14 updates, this is relevant even to establish Facebook Advertisers.


BONUS #3 – Advanced Facebook® Ad Strategies for Online Business Owners – Value $497

Discover the secrets to launching profitable Facebook Ad campaigns to drive opt-ins and sales opportunities for your Mini-Front End Liquidator. In addition to the strategies, you will also be given a screen-by-screen walk-through of how to launch a Facebook® Ad Campaign with an explanation of every relevant switch, button, and option.


BONUS #4 – Launch Plan Templates & Project Plans – Value $997

Having managed and delivered almost 60 launches, I am throwing open access to my library of Launch Plans, Launch Scheduling Tools, Launch Project Plans for Seed Launches, Quick Launches, Internal Launches, and Live, Challenges Launches. Over the coming 12 months, this section will continue to be developed based on the needs and requests of the Founding Members.

Total Bonus Value  – $2,188 

Register before the Deadline
To Lock In All these founding member benefits…

Pay As You Go
(most flexible - cancel anytime)

$ 297
  • 5 Core Lead2Launch Modules ($1,997 Value)
  • Quarterly Lead2Launch Planning Workshop ($997 Value)
  • Weekly Coaching Call ($1,997 Value)
  • Weekly Office Hours ($1,997 Value)
  • Weekly HustlePod ($1,997)
  • Quarterly Implementation Workshop ($997 Value)
  • Founding Members Bonus Bundle ($2,188 Value)
  • Total Package Value - $12,170

Pay Annual
(Best value - 2months free)

$ 2970
  • 5 Core Lead2Launch Modules ($1,997 Value)
  • Quarterly Lead2Launch Planning Workshop ($997 Value)
  • Weekly Coaching Call ($1,997 Value)
  • Weekly Office Hours ($1,997 Value)
  • Weekly HustlePod ($1,997)
  • Quarterly Implementation Workshop ($997 Value)
  • Founding Members Bonus Bundle ($2,188 Value)
  • Best Year Ever - Exclusive 2 Day Mastermind ($2,500)
  • Total Package Value - $14,670
Best Value

Unconditional 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Lead2Launch in your first 14 days, just send me an email and I will trigger a refund straight away.

Pay As You Go – Pay Monthly Option 

If you are fully committed to the process then the Lead2Launch – Pay Annual plan is the very best package for you. 

However, if you want to dip your toe in the water and experience Lead2Launch then sign up on the Pay As You Go plan to test it out. 

This means that you will be able to cancel any time you want.

In addition, I’ll give a two month “get to know me period”, where you can switch to the annual plan and lock in the full Pay Annual, Founding Member benefits.


Lead2Launch Founding Member
Registration Window Closes Soon



You have a decision to make…

Time is ticking.

How far ahead of your goals are you for this year?

What would be possible for you in 2022 if you had a proven system in place

which paid you to attract leads that snapped up your signature offers? 


Why wait until "someday" to make an impact…

Let's Work Together, To Make Someone's Life Better, Today...

When you register for Lead2Launch, 

I will donate, on your behalf, a whole month of clean water for a family in Tigray, Ethiopia.

What’s more, I will keep doing so every month you remain a member.

Let’s start making an Impact today…


Let’s start making an Impact today…


CEO Creva International & Agri-Comfort International

Working with Mícheál has been exceptional. His insights into marketing and strategic online business growth is second to none and his coaching has helped us gain massive clarity on our future.

Our results are up 45% and I know this is just the start. We couldn't be happier.

If you get an opportunity to work with Mícheál jump on it immediately.


Owner of the Brave New Workshop, speaker, author, trainer,
(huge fan of Micheal O’Neill!)

I reached out to the best in the business and asked for advice on who could help me. That’s when I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mícheál.

Micheal is an expert in the launch world! He understands the strategy, the process, the technology, the marketing, and the coaching needed for someone like me.

He is a wonderful coach, which was especially important to me as I haven’t had many people tell me what to do, I'm not a great student and don’t consider myself wonderfully coachable. He is well-informed, humble, patient, and clear. He is truly the definition of a partner.

All of that would be more than enough to recommend his services but in addition to what I have mentioned, he is a person of character, a person who serves the greater community, a person who is deeply rooted in a set of values and ethics that are clearly visible in how he conducts his business and how he conducts his life.

I hope you have the privilege and honor of working with Micheal someday.

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